DNOW's product solutions improve process inefficiencies and provide a lower total cost of ownership through reduced operation, installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, our Quality Program ensures that the valves we supply continue to meet the stringent and ever-changing safety and quality requirements of the energy industry.

Our Suppliers



DNOW provides upstream valves for a variety of applications, including offshore production platforms, floating production, storage and off-loading, and land-based drilling rigs.

  • API 6A gate – 1-1/16 in to 7-1/16 in
  • API 6D ball – 1/2 in to 60 in
  • Modular ball (DBB) – 1/2 in to 24 in
  • Check – 1/2 in to 60 in
  • Plug – 1/4 in to 24 in
  • Choke – 1-1/16 in to 7-1/16 in

Midstream and Gas Utility

We provide midstream valves for all of the processes between the wellhead and the refinery or city gate, including water removal from the well site.

  • API 6D gate – 2 in to 72 in
  • API 6D lubricated and expanding plug – 3/4 in to 24 in
  • API 6D ball – 1/2 in to 60 in

Downstream and Industrial

In the downstream markets, DNOW supplies valves, actuators, and custom-engineering packages to perform specific functions in critical, unique flow control environments, such as refineries and petrochemical plants. Our world-class distribution network, backed by skilled, experienced customer service and field valve specialists, gives us the unique position to offer gate, ball, plug, butterfly, globe, and check valves for the most demanding applications.

In addition to serving all sectors of the oil and gas energy industry, DistributionNOW is also a trusted supplier to other industrial arenas. We specialize in both commodity and special products, ranging from low to high pressure applications. Our product-driven solutions help to improve process inefficiencies and provide a lower total cost of ownership through reduced operation, installation, and maintenance costs.

  • API 600/603 gate, globe, and check – 2 in to 60 in
  • API 602 gate, globe, and check – 1/4 in to 4 in
  • HF acid API 602 and API 600 gate, globe, and check – 1/2 in to 36 in
  • Flanged, threaded, and socket-weld ball – 1/4 in to 60 in
  • Pressure seal – 2 in to 24 in
  • Wafer/Dual plate check – 1-1/2 in to 60 in
  • Resilient seated butterfly – 2 in to 144 in
  • Triple offset butterfly – 3 in to 120 in
  • High-performance butterfly – 2-1/2 in to 60 in
  • Instrumentation – 1/4 in to 1 in
  • Cryogenic – various sizes

Actuation and Automation

DNOW also provides customers with complete in-house valve automation packages, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric automation for multi-turn, quarter-turn, and valve networking applications. Visit our Valve Actuation and Automation page for more information.